Mumbai women reclaim public space to fight against sexual harassment

Mumbai: The #IWillGoOut collective describe themselves as, “A group of individuals sharing similar views of outrage against mounting cases of sexual harassment against women, decided to form a collective,” it said in a statement.

Main Bahar Jaungi

There are 1000’s of women gathering and speakers spoke …….

Women of Mumbai

It began as a message thread on Facebook, says Sruthi Kutty, who was at the helm of the gathering in Mumbai. “I was added by a friend in Pune and multiple women from a lot of cities were being added too. We realised that instead of organising one event in a particular city, we should have it in multiple cities simultaneously because this is something that everyone faces and it would create a nationwide impact.”

I will go out

Although the movement began on Facebook, they didn’t want it to be limited only to people with access to social media. “We were concerned about breaking that barrier but Jaago Re and One Billion Rising, both organisations with a great grassroots connect came on board,” said Sruthi.

Women speak about Sexual Harassment

37-year-old Karan Bajaj was at the protest to support a safer society for his daughters. “As a man I feel embarrassed to be exposed to the shocking and shameful things that men are doing. I have two daughters and it feels dangerous to be raising two young girls in such an environment.”

Rebel, Resist, Reclaim!

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