Bigg Boss 10: Lopamudra Raut LASHES OUT at Bigg Boss and how!

Mumbai: Season 10 of popular reality TV show Bigg Boss has entered the final leg of its duration. The last episode witnessed how Bigg Boss gave a chance to all the housemates to increase the prize money.

While Rohan, Bani, Manveer and Lopa were called inside the Grand Finale room, Manu was sent to the confession room. In the Grand Finale room, the 4 contestants were supposed to decide mutually, upon who will come out of the room when the buzzer rings and Manu had to give one name as the prediction of who will come out of the room first.

Manu makes his first guess as Bani and it comes true sometime later as Bani walks out of the room. Now, both Manu and Bani were called inside the confession room, and they were asked to mutually decide who will come out next. This time their prediction doesn’t match as Manveer comes out the second time.
Finally, it was the turn of one to walk out from Lopa and Rohan and both of them decided to walk out together as soon as the buzzer rang. Now this was against the rule. Later, Bigg Boss slammed Rohan and Lopa for making silly strategies at a point when they are so close to the finale. BB made it clear that he hoped that they will perform the task properly since it’s the last week.

Furthermore, BB blamed Rohan and Lopa for being childish and ruining all the efforts of the classmates. As a result of Rohan and Lopa breaking the rules, Bigg Boss announced that the prize money has been reduced to Rs 40 Lakh.

Unable to come to terms with this, Lopa started yelling at Bigg Boss on the top of her voice and said what Bigg Boss said and did was nonsense. She said that they had no strategy as such. Once again, Lopa gets upset thinking that she is being portrayed in a bad light in front of the world.

Not only this, Lopa goes on to rant that Bigg Boss will do what they wanted to. They’ve now got a reason to not increase the prize money at their expense. Rohan and Lopa then laughed saying that Bigg Boss has managed to save Rs 10 lakh by blaming them.

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