Meet Pranutan Bahl – Nutan’s granddaughter who’s gearing up for Bollywood!

Mohnish Bahl’s daughter and the late Bollywood legend Nutan’s granddaughter Pranutan Bahl is 24. Self-admittedly, she’d have debuted in films sooner, but wanted to complete her studies first.

Speaking to a daily newspaper about wanting to work in Bollywood, she said, “I can’t wait to work in Bollywood. Given my legacy, I believe I can’t be a part of any and every project. It has to be a substantial character and the film must be helmed by a good director under a leading banner.”

Pranutan and Mohnish recently posted a few pictures together on Facebook and ever since, it has got much attention. She observes, “It’s wonderful when you get so much love from people. I’m happy they’ve commented how I look like my father and grandmother. It’s evident that I’ve taken to my paternal side.”

She admits that she received acting offers as early as a couple of years ago, but couldn’t take them up as she was completing her education at the time. Today, she has a double degree in law and is pursuing Masters at Mumbai University.

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