Kim Zolciak, Daughter Rant Against Germany: What a Crappy Country!

It sounds like Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann wouldn’t shake hands with Angela Merkel, either.

In one of our favorite Twitter rants of 2017, the famous mother and her nearly-equally famous daughter WENT OFF on Monday against employees at Frankfurt Airport in Germany, claiming these individuals went ahead and actually stole some of their belongings.

The reality stars were on their way back from a European vacation when the alleged craziness went down.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann in Venice

“Crazy ass airport n [sic] Germany!” Tweeted Zolciak at the outset of her social media meltdown, adding:

“So extra Told me its my government thats why they r searching all my stuff! Throwing my wigs around & s—.”

Whoa there. Everyone should know better than to mess with a woman’s wigs. We’re not even making a joke there.

Which is good because neither Kim nor Brielle was in a laughing mood on Twitter anyway, as they alleged they were treated unfairly due to their U.S. citizenship.

“I went through security they searched my carry on, squeezing all my nutri grain bars, throwing my stuff around,” Zolciak whined at one point, claiming she made it to her gate and was then told she had to RETURN to security again.

“I said this was crazy,” she wrote, to which she added that an airport official replied: “It’s because of YOUR government.”

That seems a little hard to believe.

Yes, U.S.-German relations are not at an all-time high right now, following Donald Trump’s trainwreck of a meeting last week with Merkel.

But we still doubt Kim and Brielle were singled out for their nationality.

Brielle Biermann Selfie

Try telling that to the distraught stars, however.

“SERIOUSLY @Airport_FRA all your employees need to get F—ed,” Brielle Tweeted, explaining:

“They stole ALL MY s— and are harassing a bunch of people! SO F—ing RUDE.”

In a series of expletive-ridden messages, the 20-year old also wrote that “every single person who works here can go f— themselves” and concluded:

“Don’t ever f—ing come to Germany. I hate this place.”

kim z tweets

Zolciak’s Twitter storm comes amidst rumors that she may return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

That would at least explain the outrage to some extent; perhaps she’s trying to remind producers that she’s an expert at stirring up drama.

Between co-stars. Between allied countries. Whatever. Bring them on!

Kim also may have been hoping to distract the public from the fact that her four-year old recently handled an actual gun.

Showing far more patience than we ever would in this kind of situation, the airport actually responses to Brielle’s Tweets, asking her to file a complaint to their customer service department.

“@BrielleZolciak Dear Brielle, sorry to hear,” reads a message from the airport’s official Twitter account.

“Those are serious accusations. Please tell me what happened.”

We really hope this incident doesn’t further harm relations between Germany and the United States.

That is so not what we need right now.

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