The ABCs of Kara and Lena

The ABCs of Kara and Lena
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Do you hear that?

It’s the collective (gleeful) screaming of #Supercorp fans over their OTP. After emerging as a dark horse in the competition, this Supergirl fandom has more than solidified their mark in this year’s TV Couples March Madness Challenge.

Thanks to all the lip biting and longing stares, Kara and Lena have produced a die-hard fandom that is eagerly awaiting for this couple to become canon. In fact, these badass, super ladies continue to awe and inspire as they fight to carve out a place for themselves and prove everyone who doubts them wrong.

To celebrate the Final Four couples, we played a fun game on Twitter and asked each fandom to give us the ABCs of their OTP. We decided to compile the best responses for the ABCs of #Supercorp. Check them out below.

A is for ” A Luthor and a Super working together.”

B is for bridal style.

C is for Clois parallels.

D is for donuts.

E is for extra (all around).

F is for flirshy.

G is for “GOLLY!”

H is for heart eyes.

I is for “Is it gay in here…”

J is for Jawline.

K is for kombucha.

L is for lip biting.

M is for “Me too.”

N is for “No one’s ever stood up for me like that.”

O is for office overflowing with flowers.

P is for parking ticket.

Q is for Questioning her sexuality.

R is for rescue.

S is for secret identity.

T is for teasing (Lena’s of course!).

U is for undeniable love.

V is for very subtle Lena.

W is for Writers make it canon already!

X is for X-tra AF.

Y is for “You know that door’s not really an entrance.”

Z is for Zor-El.

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