Kangana Ranaut turned 30 last week and marked the occasion by gifting herself a new office building in Mumbai. Insiders suggest the bungalow that Kangana is refurbishing for use as a personal workplace is close to her home in Khar and is being decorated to reflect the ‘pahadi vibe’ of Kangana’s home in Manali. In a city where property is pricey (to say the least), this is no small feat.

Kangana Ranaut Bold Move

Now, in an equal world, we should view Kangana’s acquisition in much the same way as we do say Ranveer Singh buying a sprawling apartment. Yet, the chatter that follows when a woman splashes cash is always skewed to focus on her gender.

If chauvinistic prejudice means that women get rah-rahed more than men when they make notable purchases, we won’t complain. It doesn’t hurt to accept an extra pat on the back for being a financially independent power player.

So, back to the point. Kangana’s birthday gift to herself got us thinking about other Bollywood belles who have spent sizable sums on solid assets and made it clear they had only themselves to thank for the treat…

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Back when she was promoting 3 Idiots, Kareena was spotted wearing a solitaire that some sources pegged as a 7-carat stunner. Immediately, media outlets began to speculate that the ring was a gift from then-boyfriend Saif Ali Khan. However, Hindustan Times quoted Kareena’s clarification: “No, it’s not a gift. I bought it myself.” Good on you, girl.

Kareena Kapoor Khan - Bold Move

Sushmita Sen: If solitaires are the subject, how can one forget Sushmita Sen’s sparkler? Not only did the former Miss Universe apparently buy her own massive rock many years ago, she used it to make a serious statement. “I don’t need a man in my life to have diamonds. I can own them myself,” she said. In a post on Instagram several years after the purchase, Sush revisited the subject: “I gifted myself (this diamond) a while ago that gently stated “either beat the size of my stone or match the size of my heart” #celebrateyourself #itsempowering #women #diamonds #facets #brilliance.” Now that’s an unequivocal message!

Sushmita Sen Bold Move

Deepika Padukone: With her dazzling smile, one hardly notices Deepika’s diamonds, but her big buy could not have passed unnoticed… because it took up several thousand square feet of space! Though rumours persisted that Deepika’s plush Prabhadevi pad was a gift from her boyfriend at the time, her BeauMonde Towers apartment is an asset the actress can call her own. Better still, some years after buying the enviable abode, Deepika reportedly bought another flat in the same building complex — this time as a gift for her parents! Dad Prakash Padukone has every reason to be proud of his daughter… and he must be equally thrilled with the onsite badminton courts at BeauMonde!

Something to think about: Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Ellen Page are just some Hollywood celebrities who have bought mansions worth millions under their own steam. They are all women and they were all still under 30 when they purchased their properties. Most folks aren’t shocked to hear that, but Kangana buying a bungalow comes as a shock — true, or not?

Image Credits:;;; Deepika Padukone for Architectural Digest

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