Downgrade Windows 10 S To Windows 10 Pro Now Possible

It has only been a couple of weeks since Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 S. It’s a new iteration of its desktop operating system that aims to counter the runaway success of Google’s Chrome OS. It offers the full Windows experience but can only run apps that have been installed from the Windows Store. Microsoft did not allow this previously, but it’s now possible to downgrade Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro.

Microsoft recently released the Surface Laptop, its first notebook that comes with Windows 10 S straight out of the box. The company is allowing all Surface Laptop owners to upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro for free until the end of this year.

Once this deadline passes, Surface Laptop owners will be able to upgrade nonetheless, but they will then have to pay a $49 fee for the upgrade.

Microsoft also said initially that once Windows 10 S users upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, they wouldn’t be able to downgrade to the lighter version of Windows. The company has changed its position on this now and is allowing the downgrade.

Microsoft has released an official recovery image of Windows 10 S which is now available from its support page. Users can download it from there by entering their device’s serial number. It’s a 9GB download.

Users can then use this image to downgrade from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 S. However, they have to keep in mind that doing so is going to wipe all data from their Surface Laptop.

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