Have you wondered why we spend so much time on thousands of different social networks interacting with our special online friends? It’s certainly interesting how these characters differ from those you interact with on a daily basis. Taking this in stride with the spirit of Asli Yaari, we gathered some interesting traits that highlight the ways in which your Facebook-cum-Myspace-cum-Instagram friends differ from those of a traditional flesh and blood variety.

The Food Lover

No Instagram feed is complete without the customary pic of a culinary masterpiece, like the picture of that scrumptious 12-oz beef burger from the new burger joint in the neighbourhood. Don’t expect the same fare when visiting a restaurant with your actual friends—half a plate of chicken fried rice sound good?

The Intellectual

It’s easy to debate the latest political developments while sitting behind a computer screen and the comfort of a keyboard to do all the talking for you. The intellectual will pride himself on his cache of internet-learned knowledge and will pick discussion on any topic no matter how ignorant they are about it. Ask him something in person, though, and watch them sweat nervously to death.

The Animal Lover

Most people have no issues of looking at the occasional picture of a newly born puppy or kitten or a video of a hamster furiously testing out its new play wheel. The animal lover, however, makes it a point to flood walls with post ranging from the super adorable to the absolute mundane—“Fido’s having his 10th nap of the day! Isn’t he cute in his adorable little superman sweater? #cute…” Think more along the lines of “#thisisgettingannoying.”

The Traveller

Depending on how you look at it, posts from the Traveller are either highly inspiring or envy-induced depressing. It is one thing to watch a video of your friend going on their first sky-diving trip, but it’s another thing to fume with envy while wishing evil thoughts along the lines of parachute malfunctions. Especially more so when all we can afford is a trip to the local bar.

The Fitness Buff

If you put that slice of pizza down and take a closer look at your Facebook wall and Instagram feed, you’ll notice the trend of how fatter people seem to be slowly being replaced by gym-crazy freaks who will obviously share a pic of every health-shake and a video of every steroid-pumped bench-press. Keep some of these guys in mind the next time you’re lazing about with your chums munching on that sixth plate of samosas.

The Attention-seeker

The attention-seeker is probably the worst one on this list. They make sure everyone is updated on their latest political interests, the latest movie they watched, which party they went for, what their latest job is, even what they had for lunch—all accompanied by the subliminal plea for likes. 

The Music Lover

Who needs online radio when you have this guy on your friends list? They make sure you are updated with the latest hits from every possible genre—pop, rock, country, rap, R&B, D&B, EDM, TLC (okay, the last one is made up)—and of course, the song with the least likes, which you completely ignored, was annoyingly the best song on the list.

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