Why men are dating sugar mummies in Nigeria?

What are the reasons why some NIgerian men date sugar mamas? Find out now and get some photos.


In the modern world, any relations are possible. And they aren’t always based on love. In Nigeria, such service as sugar mama or sugar mommy gains popularity.

Why men are dating sugar mummies

The matter is that most of modern women aren’t limited to housekeeping and growing up the children. Many of them became quite independent and successful. They have their own business, get higher education, act in films and write books. But often they fail in love relations. The loneliness bothers them. Therefore, they become sugar mummies. This name became as widespread as sugar daddy. Earlier only a man could financially support the woman, but times change. So why do men date sugar mummy in Nigeria?

sugar mummies in Nigeria?

Psychologists say that all problems of the person arise in the childhood. For men who prefer sugar mammy, it is also fair. The young man who was brought up by imperious mother (who used to subordinate her children and husband), grows up passive, he tries to avoid responsibility, has no steady purposes and isn’t capable to operate the life independently.

The child whom everyone loves, who is preserved against everything, protected from problems, most likely, will grow infantile, irresponsible and cowardly. Existence of such qualities will only stimulate his requirements.

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dating sugar mummies in Nigeria?

Such man can also become a son of successful business lady, working all day long. Such mother can substitute a lack of maternal attention for infinite connivances. These young men often become the magnificent manipulators, playing on sense of guilt, seeking only to receive something, without giving anything in exchange.

Often just nice young men, who have beautiful speech and who aren’t strongly burdened with intelligence, likes sugar mummies. They are adored and spoiled by girls. At more adult age such men are finally convinced of own faultlessness: they become distinguished, well-cared, assured that they are already a big prize for any woman.

 dating sugar mummies

All these young men, growing, will look for their benefactor, the patroness or just careful nurse. For that purpose, such young man will use any makeshifts, including lie, seduction, game on sense of guilt etc.

In turn, the women who can be called sugar mommy, receive the benefit from this business. Generally, this is the woman of mature age. There isn’t enough love in her life. The woman thinks that she is pleasant to this young man and feels like darling. Of course, it not always so, and often the man has no feelings to this woman. But anyway, they have advantage and satisfaction of their own desires.

 men dating sugar mummies ?

There is also a type of patrons, who are divorced. Usually they look for sex partner, with whom they may spend free time, or even to raise children from the first marriage together.

Here is a quick list of reasons: 

  • good sex (with an experienced woman)
  • strong and controlling mother of a man
  • weak personality of a guy
  • desire to have good life without having to work hard 
  • low self-esteem of a man 
  • need of strong and protecting mama in his life 

    men in Nigeria

Nowadays it is easy to get the relations with such woman. There is a set of Internet services, which offer questionnaires of sugar mummies. Everyone, who decides to make this step, will be able to find the woman, who conforms to his requirements. As a rule, such persons have agents. It is necessary only to call them and you will receive your own sugar mommy.

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