Japan’s Bic Camera Will Start Accepting Bitcoin As Payment

If you’re someone who mines for bitcoin or trades in bitcoin, you might be interested to learn that there will be more places for you to spend your cryptocurrency at. In a report from the Nikkei Asian review (via Peta Pixel), it seems that Japanese retailer Bic Camera will start to accept bitcoin as a form of payment in its stores across the country.

For those unfamiliar, Bic Camera is one of the largest camera and electronics retailers in the country. If you’ve never been to one, basically the retailer stocks just about any kind of electronics that you can think of, whether it be musical instruments, cooking appliances, headphones, gaming consoles, cameras, lenses, and more. In fact one could spend an entire day at the store and still not be done.

This is why the company accepting bitcoin is a pretty huge deal. This means that customers who have bitcoin will now be able to shop at the store. According to the report, Bic Camera made the decision to support the currency after seeing a higher than expected demand for the payment method.

Bic Camera actually begun testing the payments at its Tokyo locations back in April, but will now be expanding support to the rest of its stores. Other retailers under the Bic Camera umbrella, such as Kojima, will begin accepting bitcoin as a form of payment in the near future as well.

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