'The Last Jedi' full trailer revealed: What it all means


You’ve probably watched the Last Jedi trailer a good half-dozen times already since it dropped Monday night. 

You have questions. That’s good! So do we. Not surprisingly, the trailer seems tailor-made to provoke them, and we’re not going to get all of them answered until the movie arrives on December 15.

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Here we’ve collected our insta-analysis on the hottest two minutes of Star Wars to drop all year — under headings based on the entire dialogue of the trailer.

Snoke: ‘When I found you, I saw war!’

Supreme Leader Snoke, whom we only saw via giant hologram in The Force Awakens, appears to be talking about Kylo Ren here. He did indeed “find” Han Solo and Leia Organa’s son, in the sense that he groomed the kid for the Dark Side.  Read more…

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