‘Kalyug’ actress Smilly Suri gets tattoos for pole dancing

Smilly Suri, best remembered for her film Kalyug, directed by her brother Mohit Suri couldn’t make any headway as an actress.

Smilly Suri

Now, she has taken up pole dancing and to show her commitment to the art, she has got herself inked.

She says, “I had gone to get one tattoo but I got four tattoos done together because I have reached a place in my life where commitment is essential and I wanted to prove it to myself. A tattoo or getting inked shows serious commitment. I have been the underdog all this while and my acting career didn’t take off the way I wanted. People and friends deserted me and I came to see my true support system. I wanted to be stronger and empower myself and be a new and improved Smilly Suri.” She has got one tattoo each on her upper arm, wrist, thumb and thigh.

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