Firefox just released a new ultra-fast web browser to take on Google Chrome


Mozilla’s latest browser — Firefox Quantum — is lightning fast, sleek, and ready to handle all six zillion of your tabs after almost two months in beta. 

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Nick Nguyen, Firefox’s vice president of product, told Mashable his biggest fear: Will the Internet full of Google Chrome-enthusiasts give it a chance?  

“My biggest fear is that people won’t try it,” he said. “It’s like any release — you do this to make people’s lives better. If people aren’t using your product, you don’t have an opportunity to do that.” 

And the folks at Firefox have big plans. Nguyen won’t rest until Quantum overtakes Google Chrome to become the average internet user’s primary browser. “Today, people use Firefox as their secondary browser,” he told Mashable. “We think it’s good enough to be your first browser.” Read more…

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