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Everyday Hairstyles and Indian Women Connectivity with Beauty

Guwahati: Complicated hairstyles are perfect for special occasions. However, since you cannot sport such sophisticated hairdos on a daily basis, you need to know about simple hairstyles as well. Everyday hairstyles will look simple and elegant, if they are not overdone. For going to work, school, college or simply hanging out with friends, these simple […]

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Top Natural Ways to Get Long and Shiny Hair: Research reveals

With age and stress, we encounter many hair problems. Girls often go crazy in search of a solution to combat various hair problems. Over the years, many technologies and techniques have been developed to combat hair loss and promote hair growth. But, why should you sacrifice your hair quality with chemical options, especially if you […]

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Most Used Hair accessories to try with Indian Outfits

New Delhi: We spend so much time choosing accessories to match our clothes, but many a times we ignore hairstyles and hair accessories. Just as your neck needs a necklace to be accentuated, you can accessorise your hair too and get people to go wow at it. There are a host of options to choose […]

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16 Ways to Get Rid of Painful menstrual Cramps: Study

Painful periods? Here’s how to get rid of period pain fast. Click here to watch the video ! Do you know how menstrual or period cramps occur? Basically when your uterus, which is a muscle, contracts during your period it accidentally presses against other blood vessels, momentarily cutting off the supply of oxygen. This video […]

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Top Strange wedding traditions around the globe

When a man and a woman decide to spend their lives together they unite in the holy sacrament of matrimony, that being said marriages are weird and involve myriad of strange and bizarre (relatively) traditions, we have compiled a short list of weird wedding traditions from all around the world for you to savour. In […]

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Technology may soon end eyeglasses era forever

London, Aug 25 – Tired of wearing eyeglasses? Scientists have developed a technique that could see reading glasses gone forever.Soon it may replace laser surgery that still requires reading glasses in dim light. Technology may soon end eyeglasses era forever In this technique, a tiny implant known as raindrop is placed under the cornea to […]

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