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By Marissa Wells

In “Why are Church Folk Poor: Elevate Your Thoughts & Exercise Your Faith to Live an Abundant Life,” Christian author Raykel Tolson gives readers an easy to read reference of how to examine their relationship with money.

The book challenges readers to elevate their minds, put feet to their faith and to live life abundantly. Tolson includes scripture and pop culture references to illustrate the significance of closely held beliefs about money. At the end of each chapter, the author also includes exercises for self-analysis.

Why are Church Folk Poor: Elevate Your Thoughts & Exercise Your Faith to Live an Abundant Lifeamazon.com
“Why are Church Folk Poor: Elevate Your Thoughts & Exercise Your Faith to Live an Abundant” Life

Tolson felt compelled to write this book.

“I was inspired to write ‘Why are Church Folk Poor’ because the world will be a kinder and safer place when more of us are living life and living it more abundantly. Also, I believe that the best sermon is the way we live our lives,” Tolson said.

“This particular book is not an indictment on the church,” she explained. “It’s really just trying to get people in the church to elevate their thoughts and exercise their faith more because we are supposed to be the examples for the people who aren’t in the church.”

“Why are Church Folk Poor” is intended for readers of all backgrounds but the author wants to reach black church communities, people who have left the church and, especially, millennials.

Tolson’s favorite chapters in the book are “Don’t Be Afraid to Ask” and “See It Before You See It.”

“We have to get to the point where we feel worthy to even ask God for what we want and to have a vision about what we want,” Tolson said.

Tolson hopes her book inspires readers to live better lives.

“I hope that they would really start seeing themselves the way God sees us,” Tolson said. “And to have the abundant life that Jesus talked about. Could you imagine if everyone was living their abundant life. It would be a wonderful thing.”

In addition to being an author and mentor, Tolson works as a pharmacist and operates the YouTube channel, “Auntie Ray,” where she offers advice to viewers. To learn more about the author visit raykeltolson.com.

“Why are Church Folk Poor” is available for $9.99 (paperback) and $4.99 (eBook) on Amazon.

This article originally appeared in the Wave Newspapers.

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