Artist Fabian Williams in front of his mural 'Kaeplanta'. (Photo by: A.R. Shaw)

By A.R. Shaw

Two days before Super Bowl LIII, a prominent mural of Colin Kaepernick was torn down in Atlanta. The mural, which was located on a building that stood across the street from Morehouse College, featured Kaepernick in an Atlanta Falcons uniform.

A.R Shaw

But on the afternoon of Feb. 1, the entire building was destroyed.

Created by artist Fabian Williams in 2017, the mural became somewhat of a landmark. People from across the nation would visit the mural to take photos in front of it.

“I call this mural Kaeplanta,” Williams told me in June 2017. “I’ve been following his protest since last year. And seeing that he was being shut out by the teams in the NFL, I decided to do a piece with him being in an Atlanta Falcons uniform. I believe what he stands for aligns with the city’s history and legacy.”

Remains of the former building.A.R. Shaw
Remains of the former building.

Williams also said, “A lot of the freedoms that we enjoy today is because of the men and women in Atlanta who sacrificed for us. Kaepernick is this generation’s version of that. We should make a space for him. Whether he wins a Super Bowl or not is irrelevant to me. I’m concerned with what he can bring with his sacrifice on and off the field.”

However, a fire occurred on the interior of the building six months ago. The wall remained intact after the fire.

According to the AJC, the owner of the building has yet to reveal why the building was destroyed.

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Colin Kaepernick mural destroyed in Atlanta days before Super Bowl

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