"Diehr BreedLove” (Photo by: michronicleonline.com)

By AJ Williams

“Diehr BreedLove” (prounounced “Dear”) explores the life of the now 25-year old freelance model and social media manager Chris Breedlove, who chronicles his feelings of confusion, abandonment, and eventual tailspin into drug-abuse, self-mutilation, near-death experiences, and sexuality. He eventually discovers the family secret—his adoption. He now grapples with loving and balancing the two worlds that threaten to crash and destroy both him and his families: adoptive and biological. “Diehr Breedlove” is available for purchase online and in-stores at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

Chris Breedlove (Photo by: michronicleonline.com)
Chris Breedlove (Photo by: michronicleonline.com)

“I wrote my story as a love letter to myself to chronicle my expedition to find the missing pieces of my past” Author Breedlove said. “It was important for me to share my story to encourage other adoptees like myself to go ahead and seek where they come from and to get answers to those questions when they are searching their personal truth.” He continued.

Committed to helping others like him Breedlove is currently developing a nonprofit called “Discover Your Truth” which will operate as a support system for people who were adopted and/or in foster care in addition to educating others on the stigmas adoptees face.

For more information and to grab your copy visit diehrbreedlove.com. Find Chris Breedlove socially @mavengershom and hashtag #betransparent.

This article originally appeared in the Michigan Chronicle. 

Chris Breedlove Chronicles Self-Discovery In New book

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