Awarding winning singer K. Michelle recently drew backlash after posting a photo of herself seemingly smoking ganja.

The “Crazy Like You” artist took to Instagram on Wednesday morning and shared an image of herself holding what looks like a marijuana blunt. In the photo, K. Michelle seems be exhaling smoke and holding a blue cup in her left hand and an apparent tobacco or marijuana cigar in the other. She seemed to be in the comfort of her home as she indulges in what is suggestive of illicit activity.

K. Michelle
K. Michelle. (@kmichellemusic/Instagram

“I never give 1 flying f*ck. EVER,” K. Michelle captioned the photo.

The singer’s photo instantly drew criticism from fans who denounced her actions.

“That’s not lady like kmichellemusic,” one person commented. “This explains a lot 🙄.”

“What are you doing you look high,” another added. “And you gone mess up your singing voice.”

“I’m not throwing any shade,” a third added. “But it’s amazing how we think we have it all figured out. JS protect that God given voice sis 👌.”

Other fans claimed the 33-year-old was a complete mood.

“K is my mood all 2019 drink and lights one up 💪🏾😘.”

“You are one my favorite spirit animals 🦄 and mood.”

In June 2011, K. Michelle claimed she stopped smoking weed after she tried calling the police on herself and ended up in the hospital.

K. Michelle
K. Michelle Twitter

Since then, the star’s been quite transparent about her weed desires. Her 2017 album “Kimberly: The People I Used to Know” included a song she wrote after being inspired by her like for edible cannabis.

“People want to box me in so bad — they want me to be one thing,” K. Michelle told Billboard in December 2017. “That’s why this song speaks on who I am. … It’s super funky. … I ate a lot of edibles and I was just in there flowing. I have superbad migraines, but the one medication that helps is this sativa gummy. I’m deeply in my zone when I eat that.”

During season 5 of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, the star also admitted on social media that she was faded quite a bit while filming. She wrote on Instagram in November, “I be high as s–t! 🌬 But I know foolery!!”

K. Michelle Gives Not One —- as She Blissfully Lights Up, Scolds Rush in to Blow Her Mood

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