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Fans Raise Their Collective Eyebrows at Tamar Braxton Wishing She’d Had Babies with ‘Perfect Haired’ Soap Opera Star

As Tamar Braxton continues to celebrate landing her dream role on “The Bold and The Beautiful,” the star had fans questioning her when she praised the hair of one of its stars as “perfect.”

Braxton, who snagged the gig following her win on “Celebrity Big Brother” last week, expressed elation on Instagram Thursday when she posed with her crush, actor Don Diamont.

“Just a few pictures from a dream come true💫 @katherinekellylang @dondiamont man I used to dream about kissing Brad after our dates…. cause he was FOR SURE my boyfriend and we were getting married and having 19,000 beautiful babies with perfect hair😩😩😂😂 #byeyall #stilldreaming,” the singer captioned the photo she uploaded on Feb. 21.

tamar braxton

Braxton was on the set of the CBS soap opera Feb. 20 as she filmed her cameo, where she plays a chef who serves up a private dinner to Diamont’s character Bill Spencer, who is on a date with Katie Logan’s character, Heather Tom.

Fans applauded her gig.

“This is so cool @tamarbraxton!”

“This is great I’m looking forward to see you on the bold and beautiful i know you will do amazing 😃😃😃🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽”

“Love to see you so happy & enjoying yourself ❤️’

But then, others questioned what she meant by her praise of Diamont’s hair.

“Perfect hair hmmmmm ok.”

“What’s perfect Hair meaning tho?”

“@keishia2018 , my first thought 🤔 perfect hair? She’s trippn.”

“@keishia2018 right tf you mean @Tamar? I got good hair because I got African in my family👀🤦🏽‍♀️I still love u tho!”

“@keishia2018 Tamar is white washed and has self image issues. Coming from a woman who dates black men that prefer white women, it’s not far fetched to think she believes mixed hair equals perfect hair. This is a woman who admitted to wearing blonde wigs to appease her husband desire for white women for heaven sakes.”

Braxton has admitted before that her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, “likes blond hair, light-faired women.” That’s why she used to have all blond wigs. And while on “Celebrity BB,” Braxton also disclosed that her current beau, whose name officially remains a mystery, used to date white women before he met her.

It didn’t take long, however, for folks to step in to defend the star.”

“@Keisha2018…Why does it matter if she thinks her boyfriend is perfect and has perfect hair, it’s her dream, let her have her moment… sheesh. @tamarbraxton I feel you. I get it. I Love you too pieces.’

“@helena_dake she meant that his hair is always styled perfectly. Sheesh! 🙄”



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