One person may call someone who goes against popular opinion a leader, another might say that person is a contrarian. Floyd Mayweather clearly feels he deserves the former title based on a photo he shared of himself in all Gucci attire.

The new picture comes after the high-end fashion brand committed a public relations nightmare for releasing a black turtleneck sweater that many thought looked like blackface. But Mayweather refused to join the boycott.

Floyd Mayweather posted a photo of himself wearing Gucci

“My thing is this, I like to live life and do what I like to do,” he told TMZ on Feb. 11. “I’m not no follower, I do what the f— I want to do, because everybody say wear this or don’t wear this. I wear what the f— I wanna wear.”

Plus, after people like Waka Flocka and 50 Cent said they were done supporting Gucci, and T.I. dropped his diss song against the boxer “F— N—,” Tip went on IG Live and explained why he released the song in the first place.

So some might say Mayweather’s new photo could be a way of trolling T.I.

“Same way I spoke up when Kanye was tripping. Same reason I spoke up when Wayne was tripping.  Same reason I spoke up against anyone else going against the people,” said T.I. on Friday ( Feb. 15). “You ain’t no different, bruh, and I didn’t have no diss record waiting. I did that shit that night, n—a. “

The new image of Mayweather was posted on Monday, and it shows him in a Gucci top, Gucci socks and shorts, plus, Gucci shoes, and he also captioned the photo “Born a leader.” On top of that, Mayweather disabled the comments, but people still left their opinions on his other posts.

“He can do and wear whatever he wants,” one person wrote. “But for me…If I want the smoke – I want ALL of it. I’mma post that Gucci pic and invite that smoke from whoever wanna bring it. Posting that pic and turning the comments off is throwin’ rocks and hiding your hands. I’m still a fan though.”

“You’re a sellout, and I need my money back Champ,” one person wrote on Tuesday.

Floyd Mayweather Seemingly Trolls Tip and Naysayers By Posting New Gucci Outfit After Refusing To Join Gucci Boycott

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