Love and Hip Hop: Miami” co-star Kenisha “Miami Tip Drill” Myree is getting dragged by viewers for still working at the strip club following her hospitalization in 2012.

Myre earned the name “Miami Tip Drill” after she made her debut in rapper Nelly’s NSFW “Tip Drill” video in 2004. Years before, she’d worked as a dancer during her teenage years at “King Of Diamonds”, a strip club in Miami. According to VH1, the star got into exotic dancing as a way to provide for her son.

Miami Tip
Kenisha “Miami Tip Drill” Myree. (Photo: @miamitip305/Instagram)

Part of the “LHHMIA” star’s adult act included her climbing 30-foot ceilings and fearlessly sliding all the way down. On Feb. 18, 2012, she attempted one of her signature stripper moves and fell from a 35-foot pole. Her injuries were so severe that she lost a kidney and had the entire left side of her face reconstructed. She took a two-year hiatus from exotic dancing, but eventually made her way back to the pole.

During a deleted scene of episode 8 of “LHHMIA,” Myree explained to her longtime friend Bobby Lytes while recounting the accident that her nearly fatal accident was a wake-up call.

“I wasn’t even on the pole I was on the beams on top of the pole,” the 32-year-old explained to Lytes. “I’m swinging back and forth and going back to catch myself on the pole I must’ve miscalculated my step … and I missed the pole and fell.”

Love and Hip Hop: Miami
Bobby Lytes and Kenisha “Miami Tip Drill” Myree. (Photo: @loveandhiphop/Instagram)

Myree said the only thing that saved her from landing straight on the floor after falling was bouncing off a customer onto the floor.

“It was still a hard fall to where my left eye was down, I lost a kidney… And I was five minutes from dying. I broke my jaw and I had to have that wired,” she said. “It was a blessing in disguise.”

However, “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” viewers didn’t buy what they deemed Myree’s “sympathy story” and slammed her continuing her career as a stripper despite her almost fatal accident.

“And you are still dancing,” one viewer wrote. “I’m sorry but some people just never learn their lesson 🤦🏻‍♀️.”

“Yea that was tragic, but why is Tip still stripping? That’s stupid if you ask me 🤷🏻‍,” another added.

One Twitter user wrote,” I wanna feel bad for sis sympathy story but she still doing the same thing dat almost got her kilt 😞.”

Several fans, on the other hand, commended Myree for telling her story.

“This was so brave of you❤️ . We almost lost you. I’ll never forget where I was and the moment I heard it . Devastating.”

The 32-year-old did tell fans that the incident changed her life for the better and said it inspired her to do music.

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‘Love and Hip Hop: Miami’ Fans Trash ‘Miami Tip’ for ‘Still Stripping’ After Almost Fatal Pole Accident

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