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By AJ Williams

FCAAN saved the best for last amidst the Big Three’s African-American based organizations annual Black History Month Celebrations. New to the game this is FCAAN’s second year of their annual Legacy Gala, which is shaping up to take first place amongst black history celebrations events.

Alongside the backdrop of Chrysler line-up of cars past and present, guests were treated to networking, passed hors d’oeuvres and unlimited libations. However, a black history event would not be a celebration without a tribute to black culture with performances by Ghostlight productions featuring tributes to the speakeasy culture with covers to Prince, Arthea Franklin and Nina Simone.

The program was rounded out with a special performance by HIPLET along with awards presentations highlighting people and organizations that are impacting our communities. Among the honorees, Summer Woods, Midnight Golf and Rhonda Walker, Rhonda Walker Foundation.

The evening ended with an afterglow to set the guests moods right for the rest of the night. Good look FCAAN good look indeed.

Photos of the event are here.

This article originally appeared in the Michigan Chronicle. 

FCAAN Celebrates Black History Month with Legacy Gala

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