Vincent Herbert, Tamar Braxton‘s estranged husband, reportedly is facing two lawsuits related to failing to pay rent on a condominium and for allegedly writing bad checks.

According to reports, NK Real Estate Investments claims in court filings that Herbert’s rent on a Los Angeles condo was $37,000 a month. The lease began in December 2018, and the company claims Herbert never paid February’s rent.

Vincent Herbert is currently facing two different lawsuits. (Photo: Getty Images/ Albert L. Ortega

The report goes on to state that last month the 46-year-old was given three days by the company to either pay the owed amount or vacate the premises, and he took the latter option because the property is now back on the market. The case is still open, however, and NK Real Estate has sued Herbert for $38,850, plus other costs.

The fancy condo is described as having three bedrooms, five bathrooms, a 75-foot pool, a gym, yoga and Pilates studio, a library, conference room, screening area, a children’s play room and a wine storage. The home is 3,430 square feet in all and is located in a luxury building.

The report further describes a second suit Herbert is facing, from a woman named Dakota Sal who claims the New Jersey native bounced two checks to her for a total of $10,000, and that account has since been closed.

The two suits are the latest news surrounding Herbert’s financial woes, because in August 2018 LDNX Records said he owes them $380,000 from a bad business deal, and his clients Remy Ma as well as Lady Gaga were subpoenaed to hand in financial documents so the company could determine how much in royalties Herbert was due, see those funds paid to him and in turn collect from Herbert.

And in February of that year, a Rolls-Royce that Herbert leased in Florida was repossessed after he fell behind in payments.

As far as Herbert himself, he’s been keeping a low profile since his split with Braxton, even on social media. In fact, the last time he posted anything to his Instagram page was on July 30, 2018.

Report: Vincent Herbert’s Financial Woes Continue With Two Different Lawsuits

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