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By Clayton Gutzmore

Gun violence has been a serious issue in Miami. Many lengths have been taken to stop this issue before more lives are taken. The latest act to solve this problem is an anti-gun violence campaign organized by the Circle of Brotherhood called Operation Hunger Strike.

Nine members of the Circle of Brotherhood will risk their lives in a hunger strike to stop gun violence, “ We want to bring international attention to an issue that is a state of emergency for us. We want to create a dialogue within our community that has never been done before. We also want to plead with the projectors of the gun violence to put the guns down,” said Brother Lyle Muhammad, Executive Director of the Circle of Brotherhood.

Operation Hunger Strike was announced on Saturday, March 9 at the Dr. Dorothy Bendross Mindingall Social and Economic Institute in Miami.  The idea was thought of at the beginning of 2019 as an effort to stop gun violence, “This Hunger Strike came to fruition in January while some of our members attended a candlelight vigil for parents of slain children. It has crystalized over the last two months. In all honesty, it is an extension of our love and the work that the Circle of Brotherhood is already on the ground doing,” said Muhamad.

The Circle of Brotherhood is a Nonprofit Organization of primarily Black men dedicated to community service, crime prevention, and youth mentorship. Operation Hunger Strike aims to make an impact on both members of the community and those who commit gun violence, “We want to have the dialogue with perpetrators of gun violence, youth groups, community leaders and people outside of the community. We encourage them to visit the Hunger 9,” said Muhamad.

The group of men participating in the strike is being called the Hunger 9. Edward Haynes, Albert Campbell, Anthony Durden, Phillip Muhammad, Leroy Jones, Anthony Blackman, George Jackson, Melvin El, McArthur Richard Sr. are the men committed to being apart of the Hunger 9. The group is protesting at NW 62nd Street and 12th Avenue. The participants are able to receive only water during the duration of the strike. People are able to visit and give support to the Hunger 9. Updates are currently being broadcasted through Facebook.

“More information is coming”

This article originally appeared in The Westside Gazette.

Circle of Brotherhood engages in Operation Hunger Strike

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