Candace Owens hate is getting her tons of backlash. Let’s hope this mean her time is up after her name was cited by at least one of the alleged gunmen who launched deadly shooting attacks on two mosques in New Zealand on Friday. In a desperate need for attention, the college dropout claims she will ‘host a Muslim’ to have more discussion and not censorship.

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Owens babbled on her Twitter, “I’ve nevr been interested in the topic of Islam but given the censoring of @JudgeJeanine & the shameless anti-semitism of @IlhanMN, I will host a Muslim that has defected from the religion on my show to better understand the debate. America needs MORE conversation Not censoring.”

Who knows what “host a Muslim” means — that would be like “host a Black.”

In case you missed it,  it was in that reported manifesto that Owens, 29, was cited as “the person that has influenced me above all,” according to an apparent partial transcript posted to Twitter by journalist Ian Miles Cheong.

Owens responded to the reports by threatening legal action against the media if it “attempts this ‘Candace inspired a mosque shooting in New Zealand’ bit.”

She tweeted “HAHA” and LOL!” in part of her earlier responses to those same reports, prompting some folks on Twitter to wonder if Owens was laughing at a terror attack that reportedly killed 40 people.

Owens’ views on Muslims have been documented in her own tweets, both directly and indirectly.

She has called President Donald Trump “the savior” of the free world. Trump, of course, has fought for the U.S. to ban Muslims.

Beyond that, Owens has also used Twitter to quote Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in the negative context of Muslim immigration.

Most recently, Owens had some glowing remarks about Adolf Hitler last month. Hitler, of course, wanted to exterminate people of Jewish faith much like Islamophobes want to do to Muslims.

Owens clearly isn’t equipped to have this conversation. She might need to go back to school and get some needed education. reports, “She dropped out of the University of Rhode Island in her junior year, and went on to educate herself. She read works by Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Carson and Thomas Sowell.”

Even her own family has been disgusted by her behavior. Robert Owens, her grandfather, reacted to the The Daily Mail about his granddaughter laughing on social media after the attack, “This is the first time I’m hearing about this but this is not my granddaughter’s behavior. Why would she be laughing at it? That doesn’t seem proper. She is a religious person and we taught her. She has family all over the world. Members of our family and her grandmother’s family are all over the world in many nations. We just don’t do that. We’re not that type of people.”

Well, she got it from somewhere.


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College Dropout Candace Owens Will ‘Host A Muslim’ To Try And Save Her Hateful Career

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