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Charlamagne Tha God Admits to Introducing Wendy Williams’ Husband to Mistress

In the few days since Wendy Williams revealed on “The Wendy Williams Show” that she’s living in a sober house for addiction Charlamagne Tha God has weighed in on her situation.

He did it on Wednesday during “The Breakfast Club” and said Williams’ addiction problems are related to her husband Kevin Hunter mistreating her, which matches the Daily Mail’s reporting from earlier this week.

Kevin Hunter (left) is the root cause of his wife Wendy Williams (center, posing with Hunter) landing in sober house, Charlamagne Tha God (right) says. (Photos: Getty Images, Johnny Nunez / Michael Tran)

“For some time now and even today and beyond, I have been living in a sober house,” Williams said in a weeping revelation on Tuesday. “You know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in the past. I never went to a place to get treatment.”

Hunter has been unable to shake persistent accusations that he’s had a 10-year affair with a woman named Sharina Hudson, whom he refuses to end things with, which was the crux of Charlamagne’s point about why Williams is fighting addiction.

“Wendy Williams needs rehab from her husband Kevin Hunter,” he stated. “This is yet another lie, another half-truth, whatever you want to call it, that is deflecting from the actual issue, which is the alleged abuse and infidelity from her husband.”

“There’s a difference between being real and being exposed,” he added. “Wendy only came out with that yesterday because the Daily Mail article came out yesterday saying she was in rehab for pills and alcohol because of her husband Kevin Hunter’s alleged physical abuse and infidelity.”

Charlamagne also said that Williams follows a pattern of creating a distraction so people will stop looking into her marriage and the alleged mistreatment. 

“Whenever there’s a story about cheating or physically abusing her, she says nothing is wrong, everything is fine, she deflects to something else,” he explained. “And since she’s getting ahead of things, she needs to get ahead of this alleged abuse by her husband, because that truth will be revealed and the truth about Sharina Hudson aka Nicki will be revealed too.”

Plus, Charlamagne believes that more of Williams’ secrets will come out in the near future unless she deals with her marital problems head-on. 

Then on Friday, March 22, Charlamagne claimed that he introduced Hudson to Hunter, but he’s not responsible for the alleged affair.

“Just because I introduce you to someone doesn’t mean 10 years later you need to be in a picture with them throwing up duck lips and a peace sign,” he stated. “That has nothing to do with me.”

Afterward, the New York host said he just casually introduced Hudson to Hunter, and they’re responsible for whatever interaction they had after that.

And according to ET, Hunter’s mistress is pregnant and is supposed to deliver any day now, so it was his idea to put Williams in a treatment facility, which is said to be in Queens, N.Y.

“He wanted Wendy out of the way when the baby arrived,” the source claimed.



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