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‘Black Ink Crew’ Ceaser and Teddy Seemingly Threaten to Fight Alex Again, Fans Not Having It: ‘Hell Nah!’

Black Ink Crew” stars Ceaser Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks appear to be back in hot water with viewers.

On March 20’s episode, Emanuel and Ruks warned to “f–k” Alex Robinson up again if he was behind the shop’s vandalization. For those who missed the season premiere which aired on March 13, a brick was thrown into the “Black Ink” tattoo shop by an unknown suspect which caused glass to shatter everywhere. The crew already shaken up, seemingly pointed the finger at their ex-colleague Robinson who they believe is out for revenge against Emanuel and Ruks after their explosive fight last season.

Alex Robinson
(photo credit: (L) Ceaser E. and (R) Alex R. Castmates get into big fight at Bae’s Wedding

Fast forward to Wednesday night’s episode, Emanuel decided to meet up with Ruks inside of his vehicle to discuss the attack on the tattoo shop. The “Black Ink” owner showed Ruks a screenshot of Robinson’s Instagram feed where the tattoo artist was “talking s–t on social media the same day a brick” got “thrown through the shop window.”

Emanuel said he doesn’t believe it’s a “coincidence” and seemingly blamed Robinson for the vandalization.

“We’re both from the streets,” said the shop owner. ” I know and he know you don’t throw out words unless you plan on backing that shxt up. This s–t gotta be a message. … If Alex actually did this I feel like f–king this ni–a up honestly. Before it was about his b–ch but now I really feel like f–king him up.”

Ruks replied to his cousin, “I’m all the way with it.”

“Black Ink” fans denounced Emanuel and Ruks’ ostensible threats and slammed them for trying to jump him again.

“These two can’t fight one on one with a skinny dude 🤦🏽‍♀️ they bet not put the paws on Alex again 🤔!”

“Teddy a pu–y, a follower and loser and Ceaser well u know yall b–ches for jumping that man!”

“Hell nah! Ya’ll bet not touch Alex again 🙄! Teddy youre the stupid one you and Ceasar … You noggas are going to jail also this time its going down.”

“They was quickly accused Alex what he did smashed at Cesar’s shop!? Who cares? They deserved it what they did to Alex🙄.”

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Ceaser thinks he has an idea of who vandalized the shop… and he wants to put the paws on him… AGAIN! #BlackInkCrew is ALL NEW TONIGHT at 9/8c!

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