Married to Medicine” star Dr. Gregory Lunceford is receiving an abundance of support from fans who feel he’ll be fit for parenthood.

Lunceford, the estranged husband of “M2M” star Quad Webb-Lunceford, took to Instagram on April 6 with a photo of himself and a 4-year-old golf player he ostensibly met during golfing on Cascade Road Driving Range apparently sometime this past week. He bragged about the child’s “dunking” skills on the golf course while urging fans to be on the “look out” for the child’s talent.

Gregory Lunceford
Asbury Carlton Thomas and Gregory Lunceford. (@gregoryllunceford/Instagram)

“4 year old Asbury Carlton Thomas III was absolutely amazing on the range today!!” Dr. Greg wrote in his Instagram caption on Thursday. “Dunking on flags. Be on the look out. It was a pleasure meeting his amazing parents. They are just getting started.”

The “M2M” star’s post prompted a wave of reactions from fans who expressed how great of a father he’d make.

“I Pray You are Blessed with a child you always wanted,” one fan commented underneath Dr. Greg’s photo. “Parenting looks good on you.”

A second fan added, “You’re going to make an amazing dad one day. Find you a woman that wants children.”

“Hope God bless you with one. You will be best dad,” someone else commented.

“Prayerfully one day you’ll get the family you want and deserves 😍,” another added.

Dr. Greg and Webb-Lunceford are current in the middle of a divorce which has been going on for nearly a year. One marital woe the pair struggled with was their inability to agree on having children. The psychiatrist had been asking his estranged wife to have a child with him for years, but she apparently refused to do so.

Gregory Lunceford
Quad Webb-Lunceford (right) filed to divorce husband Gregory Lunceford (left) in May 2018. (Photos: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Webb-Lunceford, who also co-stars on TV One’s “Sister Circle,” explained on the show that she wasn’t going to bring a child into a broken marriage.

“I’ve always wanted to have children and still do want to have children,” she said in March 2018. “However, I am unselfish enough to know that right now, my marriage and the state of my marriage is not conducive for a positive environment for a child.”

The pair’s divorce has yet to be finalized, but reportedly the reality actress recently filed court documents for her estranged husband to hand over his financial documents for to get the ball moving toward an endpoint.

‘You Will be the Best Dad’: Fans Encourage Ms. Quad’s Estranged Husband Dr. Greg on Parenthood After New IG Pic

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