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L.A. Gangs Unite to Pay Homage to Fallen Comrade: NIPSEY HUSSLE  

Local bloods and crips gang members unite in solidarity to honor fallen rapper Nipsey Hussle(photo courtesy of Big U/ Instagram).

By Kimberlee Buck

The death of legendary rapper, Nipsey Hussle, shook the South Los Angeles community and broke the hearts of many fans across the U.S.

Since the murder of Hussle, many fans and local residents have held candle light vigils and celebration of life events around the city of Los Angeles to pay their respects to the rapper and philanthropist. However the largest and most historical event of them all was the unity walk orchestrated by rival gangs.

On April 5, gangs from Watts, Compton, Inglewood and the Los Angeles area called for “peace in the streets” to honor the life and legacy of Hussle. Rival gangs marched in solidarity from a local Crenshaw grocery store to the rapper’s Marathon clothing store located in the Crenshaw district where he was shot to death allegedly by 29-year-old, Eric Holder.

To date, this is the largest gang peace rally since the 1992 L.A. Uprising!

“We [had] a gang truce and rally so all the different gangs from L.A. [could] get together and celebrate the life and the gift of Nipsey,” stated community leader, Big U in a statement to Vibe.

“It’s a lot of people who were calling who said they wanted to get together and come to the vigil and pay respect. Nipsey was the first real L.A. artist that was from L.A. — not like Tupac [who] was from somewhere else and then L.A., and Biggie [who was visiting L.A. when he was murdered]. Nipsey was the first like real L.A. artist to die the way he died. He didn’t have no conflict with nobody, he wasn’t beefing with nobody.”

Tributes throughout the City

The South Los Angeles community will continue paying tribute to the fallen rapper by naming a piece of the city after him. On Tuesday, April 9 Los Angeles City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson announced the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and West Slauson Avenue, would be named Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom square after the legend.

“Ermias Asghedom known as “Nipsey Hussle” was an icon and West Coast hero,” said Harris-Dawson.

“Nipsey’s genuine nature allowed him to be a light to everyone he interacted with from family, friends, fans, and his larger community.  As a father, brother, and son, Nipsey was a rock helping to build an empire that will continue through generations. Nipsey will always be remembered for delivering a pure, authentic Los Angeles sound, his numerous philanthropic efforts, his innovative, community-focused business mindset, and his humble heart.”

As of press time, the petition for the name change has received over 500,000 signatures.

Councilmember Harris-Dawson also stated that the Los Angeles City Council would hold a meeting and go on public record to discuss the various contributions Hussle made to the community, local residents and the world.

Residents in the South Los Angeles community will have the opportunity to say their final farewells to Hussle as he makes one last victory lap before being laid to rest.

On Thursday, April 11, Hussle’s casket will travel though some of the city’s most notable landmarks as well as the rapper’s Marathon clothing store. The procession is said to cover over 25 miles and will take place after the memorial service held at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

This article originally appeared in the Los Angeles Sentinel. 

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