In February, for Black History Month, Houston rapper Chamillionaire announced that he’d donate $10,000 to a Black-owned startup. And now he’s done something similar with the help of E-40 as well as a company called Republic.

Chamillionaire said he wanted to help out because there simply aren’t enough female and minority-owned businesses around.

Chamillionaire (left) and E-40 (right) said they’re donating $25,000 to a startup owned by either a woman or a minority. (Photo: Bob Levey / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

“During Black History Month, I did a contest where I invested $10,000 in a black founder’s company, so we’re going to keep that same energy and I’m going to do it again but this time I’m going to invest in a minority or woman’s founder startup since those companies are still so underrepresented in this space,” said Chamillionaire in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday.

Then E-40 appeared on the screen and said he wants to assist as well.

“I know you invested 10 thow-wow in a founder in your last pitch competition,” he stated. “This time I want to join you and Republic. Let’s put 25 thow-wow together and give it to the best company.”

To enter, Chamillionaire told people to download his Convoz app for iOS or Android, click on the banner on top of the homepage, then follow the listed rules.

The “Ultimate Victory” rapper also said every contestant will either get a response from him or one of the judges, and the winner will be announced on June 21.

In the comments beneath the clip, people expressed immediate interest in the contest and thanked Chamillionaire and E-40 for their altruism.

“You brothers are doing amazing work,” someone wrote. “Like dude we appreciate the love and the opportunities you brothers are offering to people trying to build something.”

And on E-40’s page someone wrote: “Thank you my brothers!! King moves!! Hard hat required!! Reconstruction of the country in progress!!!!!”

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Attention entrepreneurs! @chamillionaire, @e40, and @joinrepublic will be INVESTING $25k in a minority or woman founded startup so watch the entire video for details. Download the @convoz app for iOS or Android and pitch your company to participate. Good luck! Tag someone you think needs to see this. 👆🏾 #entrepreneur #startup #chamillionaire #E40 #Convoz

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‘Amazing’: Chamillionaire and E-40 Receive Praise for New Contest That Awards $25,000 to Minority- or Female-Owned Startup

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