Kids learning about animal skulls at a previous Party for the Planet. (Picture by Milwaukee County Zoo)

By Nyesha Stone

Our planet is on fire according to Bill Nye the Science Guy and he’s right. Each day, we all take a part in destroying our planet whether it’s from using too many plastic products or littering our own neighborhoods, we are the planet’s worst enemy.

As of right now, it’s not too late to save our planet but that’s only if we all come together. Saving the planet can be fun and that’s the angle the Milwaukee County Zoo is taking. This previous Saturday and Sunday, the Zoo hosted its annual Party for the Planet which is sponsored by American Transmission Co. (ATC).

According to Milwaukee County Zoo Special Events and Marketing Coordinator Emily Salentine, the Zoo’s annual party has been going on for 10 years with the goal of educating and encouraging City residents to do a little more for the nature around them.

“We teach our guest about wildlife and nature,” said Salentine. “We’re teaching our guest really tangible things.”

During this celebration, guest are taught about a variety things such as palm oil which is derived from orangutan habitats. They teach the guest the importance of buying farm-produced palm oil because it helps the orangutans go unbothered from humans destroying their habitats for palm oil.

Salentine says she hopes guest feel “inspired to care about nature and wildlife by doing day to day things… it’s very simple to do.”

Kids were taught about trees and then had the option to take their own tree to plant somewhere in their neighborhood. They were also allowed to climb certain trees with the help of professionals.

This event has seen up to 5,000 people, according to Salentine.

ATC wasn’t just a sponsor, they also had a booth in the farm area to teach guest about the importance of planting for pollinators. Through their Grow Smart planting guide, ATC had a small garden to show guest what to grow to attract pollinators.

“It’s important for visitors to come and understand aspects about animals, Milwaukee County Zoo Hosted its Annual Party for the Planet nature and plants,” said ATC Corporate Communications, Alissa Braatz. “We help educate people about the right type of vegetation in the right way.”

Pollinators like bees help keep a lot of plants going, which in turns helps life keep going so it’s important we pay attention to what we grow and how we grow it.

For more educational facts about nature and animals, visit

This article originally appeared in the Milwaukee Courier. 

Milwaukee County Zoo Hosted its Annual Party for the Planet

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