Atlanta MC T.I. is living up to his Instagram name @Troubleman31. The “Whatever You Like” rapper took to his social media account decked out in a red and white striped jacket, white jeans, and holding his coffee. The 38-year-old father of seven talked on the phone looking to get somewhere important expeditiously.

“Fresh as muuuf—– peppermint,” he wrote for his caption before hashtagging “#PourItOnWet💦.” T.I. accumulated over 100,000 likes and comments, especially from his wife Tameka Dianne “Tiny” Harris. Tiny pointed out a feature on her husband that had fans all riled up.

T.I./ Instagram

“Damn all I see is my 🍆😋,” the singer wrote.

“Thirst trap at its finest, “ one fan said. 😫”Let us pray-Dear Heavenly
Father; I come to you on behalf of this married man. Put it on his heart to
chill out for he knows what he doeth,” they added.

“Hey now T.I. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 🤭👀🍆,”
another fan said.

“ Fine as hell!! Tiny knows she’s blessed!!”

One fan quoted one of the rapper’s songs and lyrics to describe
the photo. “Big things poppin'(Do It),” they wrote.

While some fans admired Tip’s outfit and more, some social media users joked that the MC was playing “Where’s Waldo” mentioning that T.I. looked like he was looking for someone while in a rush.  

“Where’s Waldo?” one user commented. Another user followed with
the same comment. After the Waldo comments, T.I. was compared to a popcorn
machine and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

“TI looks like he selling popcorn machines.”

“Bruh, you look like this 🍿 😂🤣🤣.”


“Or a KFC bucket…Either way, we love em both. 💜”

With Tiny’s comment, it seems that everything is going well with the couple following speculations that they were facing issues in their marriage due to a post that the Xscape singer shared on social media.

Tiny Harris

However, those speculations were shot down after T.I. took to Instagram June 4 posting photos of his wife squatting down in front of his portrait and complimenting her.  

Tiny has filed for divorce from the rapper twice, once in 2016 and the other in
2017, the two seem to be still going strong. Regarding her post, Tiny told Page
Six, “Y’all cannot think, every time I post something, that means we’re in a
bad place. I posted it meaning . . . he needs reminding.”

‘Now U Made Us All Look:’ Tiny Harris Gets Fans Riled Up When She Points This Out About Husband T.I.’s Photo

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