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This summer, television audiences can listen in on amazing real life stories told by everyday people as WORLD Channel presents a 24-hour binge-a-thon of the television series Stories from the Stage beginning on Saturday, June 22, at 7 p.m. The series is hosted by humorists and storytellers Theresa Okokon and Wes Hazard (some eagle-eyed viewers may recognize the latter from his stint on Jeopardy! where he was a three-time champion in 2018).

The series focuses on spotlighting raconteurs who reflect the diversity of the American and global landscape. With this in mind, Black storytellers as well as stories on immigration from the Black perspective are among those highlighted during the marathon’s 40+ episodes. The stories are told in front of a live audience and include storytellers like:

–          Morris Irby recounts his experience as the first Black baseball player at Tennessee Tech University and the cost of being a trailblazer (in the new episode entitled Rocky Top Remembers, trailer available here https://bit.ly/2FfrcWR)

–          Ekhlas Ahmed, a refugee from Sudan (who was featured on Ellen) recounts a time when calamity created an epically long Ramadan fast. (Her story can be seen here- https://www.facebook.com/StoriesFromTheStage/videos/342301779627992/

–          Reverend Mariama White-Hammond details how a battle to stop a gas pipeline being built in West Roxbury, Boston helped her bring attention to the fight for life in the historically Black Roxbury neighborhood

Episode 36: Reverend Mariama's Bridging of the Divide

Sometimes, you have to stick up for yourself, or somebody else…even when that little voice tells you it’s safer to keep quiet. In this story from the stage, Reverend Mariama gets down and dirty for a cause.

Stories from the Stage यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, १९ फेब्रुवारी, २०१८

–          U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adeboan American-born woman raised in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana tells of “sowing seeds” of renewal in the U.S. (watch her story here—

Episode 14: U-Meleni's Destiny to Be Herself

Coming to America. In this story from the stage, U-Meleni from Zimbabwe “sows seeds” of renewal in the United States.

Stories from the Stage यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, २० नोव्हेंबर, २०१७

–          Rodrigue Kalambayi talks of escaping political violence in the Congo and dreaming of a new life

(see Rodrigue’s story here—

Episode 18: Rodrigue's Opportunity to Smile

Chance could mean possibilities, risk or opportunity. In this story from the stage, Rodrigue seeks asylum from the Congo.

Stories from the Stage यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, ७ डिसेंबर, २०१७

These storytellers and others from across the U.S., Poland, Afghanistan, India, the Dominican Republic, Armenia and elsewhere, help bring the classic art form of storytelling to modern audiences with a focus on fresh, new voices reflecting the diversity of America and abroad.

In addition to watching on WORLD Channel, viewers can also take part via livestream on the WORLD Channel and Stories from the Stage Facebook pages with live commentary by the hosts.

Check out the 2019 binge-a-thon trailer and learn more about The WORLD Channel. Check local listings for channel information.

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WORLD Channel: Stories From the Stage Premieres June 24

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