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Marco and his 10-year-old son, Troy, rose early on Saturday to spend all day together.

“The early bird catches the worm,” Marco would always say.

The first stop on their route was to the barbershop for a fresh haircut and then onto the car wash. Marco was adamant about having a clean ride. Just before heading home to mow the lawn, they dropped by Walmart for some household supplies.

When they finally reached home, Troy asked, “Dad, when are we going to spend some time together?” Marco was perplexed because they had been together all day. However, Troy was referring to quality time.

Parents be mindful not to drag your children through life. How can you expect them to be grateful when their special time with you revolves around weekend errands? We know these duties are necessary but throw in a special treat that involves activities you both enjoy every now and then. Let your children know how mindful you are of them and that you value their time.

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This article originally appeared in the Chicago Defender. 

Parenting Points: Enjoying Life Together!

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