If you thought LeToya Luckett-Walker was gracing the stage of Essence Festival’s beauty carnival on Friday to talk about how she snapped back after having her baby in January, then you showed up for the wrong segment. Instead, the singer got real with festival goers, sharing a motivational “sermon” about self-love and self-care, and allowing yourself to be imperfectly beautiful. In a heartwarming conversation on ESSENCE’s Beauty Carnival Stage, Luckett tells us that the secret to “bouncing back” is to stop beating yourself up and to appreciate who you are.

The 38-year-old admits that she feels the pressure associated with looking a certain way in the entertainment industry, but she doesn’t subscribe to it.

“Everyone’s journey is very different. We look in the mirror before we have a child and we’re like oh, this is me, this is who I am. This is the LeToya that I know. Then, you have the baby, and you’re so excited. You go back to that same mirror, and you go wait a minute. Who is this? What body? But here’s the thing, it’s still you. Regardless if it’s a new you, regardless if you put on a couple of pounds, or something’s different. It’s still you. It’s you evolving, and that’s what I have to keep in my mind. Stop beating yourself up, ladies. Stop beating yourself up and appreciate who you are.”

It’s that attitude that inspired the singer and actress to get back to work one month after giving birth. Luckett told festival goers that she jumped back to work in an effort to show the real her.

“For me, I couldn’t go into hiding. Four weeks after having Gianna, my daughter, I was on TV with all the chins, giving you all this back fat. I was like I love to see this. I want people to see me in my most vulnerable state, and I need them to be able to relate because of a lot of times what you see on TV, a lot of time what you see on these stages, it’s not even real. You have people that are suffering in silence because they don’t want to accept their bodies or they’re afraid of being bullied.”

For anyone going through a bounce back, the new mom suggests focusing on yourself. “You’re the focus,” Luckett advises. “If you’re not right mentally, it’s going to go all bad by twelve noon.” She also suggests that you “know the truth about yourself and speak a word of encouragement to yourself.” We know it’s only Friday, but the Greenleaf actress definitely took us to church.

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LeToya Luckett-Walker Shares Her Journey To Bouncing Back Post Baby At Essence Festival

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