Lil’ Kim’s Girls Cruise finally aired on VH1 this week and it’s quite the fun ride of bonding, breakthroughs, and turn-up. “See, slay and love” is the goal across Barbados, Tobago and Trinidad for these ladies, ending at Carnival, in “the most epic street party in the world.”

Although there has been drama leading up to the premiere, with Lil’ Kim being accused of refusing to do previously scheduled interviews and appearances, the show’s debut was still a success. And say what you will about Kim’s beauty work, but she is a legend and an icon, so put some respect on her name. At 45 years old she’s still showing us who’s the queen, and we’re gagged by looks of the ladies that she invited to partake in this 10-day Caribbean cruise.

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These ladies clearly haven’t missed a step in their beauty routines. Mýa disappeared from the spotlight almost 11 years ago when she decided to go independent, but clearly hasn’t lost her A-list looks. The 39-year old singer has still been putting in the work, and is still working it. It had also been a while since we’d seen Chilli on the small screen (in her quest for real love on What Chilli Wants in 2010), but the 48-year-old singer looks just as youthful and flawless as she did then. This show highlights a bunch of beautiful, boss, Black ladies who fangirl for each other’s strength and beauty, with no fighting or man drama. It’s quite the departure from many of the network’s other lineup of reality shows with Black female leads.

Add 29-year-old entertainer B. Simone, 27-year-old comedian Pretty Vee, and Kim’s close friend, actor and dancer Tiffany Panhilason to the mix, and you have a melanin rich roundup of ladies that you want to come back and watch weekly, if only for the beauty lewks they’re serving alongside their shenanigans. And in case you questioned whether these ladies are as exquisite as we say, check out some of their recent social media and red carpet receipts.

Chilli on the red carpet, Rick Kern/Getty Images for Fast Company
Chilli on social media, Instagram/@therealchilli
Mýa on the red carpet, Noam Galai/Getty Images
Mýa posting a selfie, Instagram/@myaplanet9
B. Simone posing on IG, Instagram/@thebsimone2
B. Simone at the BET Awards, Getty Images
Pretty Vee sporting braids on social media, Instagram/@yesimprettyvee
Comedienne Pretty Vee on the red carpet, Getty Images
Tiffany Panhilason on social media, Instagram/@tiffanypanhilason
Tiffany Panhilason on the red carpet, Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Want to find out more about their beauty secrets? Mya and Chilli spill the keys to their wonderful skin on, including Chilli’s refusal to drink “the devil’s juice.”

“If you don’t take care of yourself, or you’re smoking, and you’re drinking, and abusing your body, and not hydrating, and eating a lot of chemicals, it’s going to show up on the outside,” said Mya.

Now we’re all going vegan and giving up mimosas just in time for all the summer barbecues. Sigh!

Girls Cruise airs on Mondays at 9pm.

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The Ladies Of VH1’s ‘Girls Cruise’ Prove That Age Is Just A Number When It Comes To Beauty

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