Seeing Black superheroes isn’t a new thing, but every time we see one, it’s refreshing. We’ve got Black Panther and all the heavy hitters from the blockbuster movie, Domino from Deadpool 2, Storm, Black Lightning and the list goes on.

Now, there’s a new Black superhero in town named Apple, and she’s played by the adorable Milan Williams in the new series, “Little Apple.” The project is executive produced, written and directed by Riley S. Wilson (“Orange Bright”), with Lisa Cortés (“Precious”) also credited as an executive producer. This is a sci-fi drama web series that showcases being “woke” as a superhero power for Apple.

Apple is a little Black “claircognizant” (all-knowing) girl living and growing up in a rapidly-changing Harlem. She is quick-witted, brilliant and uses her mind to fight against complicity, gentrification, the erasure of Native people, Black feminism and microaggressions, just to name a few.

Simply put, Williams plays Apple flawlessly.

ESSENCE was invited to a screening at Harlem’s historical Schomburg Center during the Black Comic Book Festival and in just three short episodes, it was clear: Apple is the superhero we have been waiting for.

And what’s better, Milan Williams is the little piece of Black girl magic we didn’t know we were missing.

With “Little Apple” taking home the win for Best Web Series at the American Black Film Festival 2019, we just had to get Williams in the “We See You (Little) Sis” hot seat.

Milan Williams and “Little Apple” Executive Producer/Writer/Director, Riley Wilson snap a selfie!

“I hope that when I’m older, I can make a big impact,” Williams told ESSENCE. “I think I am seen in terms that, normally, I speak out a lot. I have agency naturally. I like to speak my mind, even if people don’t agree with it.”

It’s in this way that Williams is very much like the character she plays. Apple is smart, speaks her mind and has no issue letting her teacher know that Columbus did not discover America, no matter how much trouble it gets her in.

You’re going to fall in love with Milan Williams and “Little Apple.” We sure did! Check out what else Williams had to say in the video above.

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Milan Williams Plays A Young Black Superhero With Woke Super Powers In “Little Apple”

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