When my colleagues first told me that I would be perfect for the trending DMX Challenge, I wasn’t sure if they were saying that I looked like a Rough Rider, or if they just thought that I have a pretty good bark. If I’m being honest, as a born and bred New Yorker I’m pretty well-versed in the songs by Dark Man X so I wasn’t at all offended by either notion. When I checked out Twitter to see what the challenge is all about, I was even more surprised—and delighted.

When the Yonkers-born rapper released the song “What These B—-s Want” featuring Sisqo back in 2000, we were all too keen to sing along though the song highlights X’s many sexual exploits, and how he’s not willing to offer women anything more than just that.

The instant they start to catch feelings I
start to stealin’ they sh–. Then I’m out
just like a thief in the night, I sink my
teeth in to bite. You thinkin’ life, I’m
thinkin’ more like, whats up tonight?

Putting the actual context of the song aside, ladies (and gents) have taken to social media with this DMX Challenge, using it as an opportunity to further prove that Black women are the best hair chameleons. When it comes to changing up lewks and serving new girl realness, Black women are leading the pack with tens across the board. So much so, that they could give off the feeling of being a completely different woman, as the challenge proves.

We’re not going to pretend like the lyrics of the song (and even simply the title) aren’t offensive to the sisters. But the challenge, in its fun, is a great way to take something that put down Black women, and transform it into something that highlights their beauty and ingenuity.

Either way, we’re here for the fun videos that came from the challenge (even the Cardi B version). Whether you’ve always fancied yourself a Stacy, Tracy, Rohna, or Ronda, Donna, Yolanda, Tawana, or Wanda, you can simply change your hair and make it a reality. And if your partner ever says that they want to see other people, play your DMX Challenge video back for him or her and problem solved.

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👋🏾👋🏾 Hi new followers! Welcome to my world. 🌎 It's a great place to be cause if nothing else, it's always REAL! (and that's so rare these days) 💯 I've been gone for a minute cause I lost both my Mom and Dad within a 375 day time span but just know when I get all the way back, there is some bomb shit in store! ANYWAY, I see my video has turned into the #DMXChallenge! To all my long term followers/friends/supporters, (which at @deeper.than.hair we call the #KeeHive) 🐝🤞🏾 you don't have to snap on everyone 😩🙈🥰😂😭 Im actually glad it went viral and inspired this bomb ass movement. Women are amazing! Serve as hard as you can and stay positive! Besides, last week everyone was suckin on cucumbers! 😑🙄 This beats that BS anyday! I love yall and although I haven't been engaging, thank you for all of your prayers, DMs, texts, calls and visits. Im slowly trying to get my mind right, in the meantime my angels are making SURE you all see me 🙏🏾🕊💜 #DeeperThanHair #DoEverythingInLove #SoShearGeniusInspired

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if anything was made for me, it was this. #dmxchallenge I do not own the rights to this music

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Y’all know i had to do one 🙃 #dmxchallenge #deletinglater #rp

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The #DMXchallenge just reminded me of all the hair styles I still need to to try 😂

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#DMXChallenge got ladies looking the DMX app to make this. Keep it uppppppp #cardib #music #hiphop #dmx #rappers #pics #picoftheday #challenge #offset #kulture #hiphop #igtv #dmx #whattheywant #sisqo #ruffryders #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #blackwomen #makeup #mua #hairstyles #wigs #blackqueens #melanin #kimk #kyliejenner #rihanna #picoftheday #beauty #cardib #fentybeauty #nickiminaj

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And of course, it’s too much fun for the gents not to want to get in on it.

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The #DMXchallenge Hilariously Highlights Black Women’s Hair Versatility

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