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‘How TF You Know?’: Joseline Hernandez Fans Defend Her After Folks Claim Baby Bonnie Looks Happier With Stevie J.

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez reunited with her 2-year-old daughter late last week after apparently resolving a custody fight with the child’s father Stevie J.

The 32-year-old mother temporarily lost custody of her daughter for three weeks after violating her and Stevie’s agreement. She reconnected with her daughter after appearing in court August 15 and has since shared several pictures of the toddler to her Instagram page.

Tuesday afternoon, Hernandez posted a picture of her 2-year-old daughter seemingly getting ready for school. She was sitting at a Minnie Mouse table with her bookbag on while wearing a cardigan. The toddler appeared to be playing with a rubix cube and sipping on a soft drink when her mother snapped a photo of her.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez’s daughter Bonnie Bella Hernandez @joseline /Instagram.

“How many colors #rubikscube #bonniebella School flow!” Hernandez wrote via Instagram.

Several fans claimed the toddler had a somewhat doleful expression on her face.

“When she was with Stevie she smiled so much more and now she’s back with Joseline and looks sad again smh give her back to her dad 🙄”

“The smiles are gone y’all she looks over her mom already at least with Stevie she was happy all the time 🤷”

Fans of Hernandez immediately jumped to her defense.

“How tf you know if she was happier with Stevie???? 🙄 Joseline is a damn good mom and Bonnie always smiles whens she’s around her mom. Y’all irk tf out of me”

“Are y’all kidding me? 🤦 If you can’t say nothing nice Shut the hell up PLEASE. Bonnie smiles and is just as happy with her mom and dad. Ppl love drama smdh”

Although details of Hernandez and Stevie J.’s recent court appearance have yet to be revealed, it seems the 2-year-old is back home with her mother.

Joseline Hernandez
Baby Bonnie Bella Hernandez, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. (Photos: @joseline/Instagram, @hitman_steviej_1/Instagram)

Things got sticky between the “Hitman” producer and Hernandez after Stevie was awarded temporary custody of their daughter when the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” violated their custody agreement, TMZ reported. An arrest warrant reportedly was issued for the mother of one’s arrest by a judge to compel her to turn over baby Bonnie to her father.

However, it looks like Hernandez and Stevie J. came to an amicable agreement and were spotted out enjoying lunch together along with their significant others and friends. Hernandez hasn’t commented on her relationship with her ex-fiancé, but hopefully they’ve worked out their differences.

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