Kandi Burruss has been mulling cutting her hair for the past few days, but in her latest musing fans seem to have had enough.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded a Flashback Friday photo on Instagram circa 2008 with Sister 2 Sister magazine publisher/owner Jamie Foster Brown when Burruss had her signature short ’do. It was the hairstyle Burruss had when she made her debut on the Bravo reality show back in season 2.

kandi burruss
Jamie Foster Brown (left) and Kandi Burruss (right). (Photo: @kandi/Instagram)

“#FBF about 11yrs ago somewhere with @jamiefosterbrown. I have no idea where we were but since I’m reminiscing about my short haircut I thought I’d post this. 💇🏾‍♀️,” Burruss said on her account Aug. 30.

It was the second time in two days that Burruss made a remark about her formerly cropped style.

On Thursday, Burruss uploaded a pic from that same year which she snapped for the NOH8 Campaign, which promotes human equality for the gay community.

“#TBT about 11yrs ago when I took my pic for the #NOH8 campaign. My hair was short then. I keep saying that I’m gonna cut it all off again. What do y’all think? Should I?” she asked fans.

Her daughter, Riley Burruss, urged her mom’s followers to tell the star not to snip off her tresses.

“everyone tell her not to cut it please,” the 17-year old said.

With that in mind, fans were fed up with Burruss teasing them about getting a big chop.

“Girl just cut your hair already 😂”

“you gone tease us again 😂 u must really be thinking about cutting it again.”

“Sis… Go ahead and cut it, You don’t need no approvals. It’s only hair. We got one life.😋”

Meanwhile, fans weighed in on both sides about whether or not they prefer the star with short or long hair.

“Kandi you are beautiful with short or long hair 💕”

“I love you with long & short but short looks good on you.”

“Do it kandi! Do it! So pretty with the cut.”

“Sorry like you with long hair❤️”

“Kandi you were doing the damn thing with the short hair! Go ahead and bring it back. You rocked it out like a BOSS.”

Burruss has always been one to change up her hairstyle. From braids to bobs, she’s done just about everything. However, one hairstyle recently put her in fans’ crosshairs based on where she was when her ombré colored weave was on display. Rocking perfectly styled hair and a full face of makeup, fans questioned whether or not Burruss was actually working out at her daughter’s gym.

‘Just Cut Your Hair Already’: Kandi Burruss Fans Grow Tired of Singer Teasing Big Chop

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