Jay-Z has been scrutinized for week due to his partnership with the NFL. Now the latest development has people scratching their heads even more.  

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According to Variety, Roc Nation and the NFL donated $400,000 to two Chicago charities, the Better Boys Foundation Family Services organization and The Crusher’s Club. However, the later has some questionable behavior. A photo from 2016 surfaced, showing a white woman cutting off a dreadlocks as “symbolic of change and their desire for a better life!”

Kind of awkward considering Jay has locs.

Crusher’s Club is also part of the All Lives Matter tribe, tweeting in July of 2016, “Praying for Police victims in Dallas lets use this to come together not to be divided more ALL LIVES MATTER United we stand Divided we fall.”

And, most disturbingly, they believe Trump is the answer to gun violence in Chicago. They tweeted to a Fox News analyst in August, “Thank you for constantly speaking out for Chicagp (sic)  & those of us working against gang violence. We need Trump to help us. Sad to say we need a curfew while we address our current crisis of gun violence. And we need prayer always!”

Sounds like Jay-Z needs prayers.

In case you missed it, the Brooklyn native met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and said we are beyond kneeling and it’s time for “actionable items.”

Now it is being reported that the rapper will be part owner of an NFL team.

On August 14, Colin Kaepernick marked the third year of his kneeling protest during the playing of the national anthem with a social media post of his own saying in no uncertain terms that he would continue “to work and stand with the people in our fight for liberation, despite those who are trying to erase the movement!”

See the post below:

Jay has also been slammed by Jemele Hill, Dr. Cornell W. Brooks, the former president of the NAACP, and many more. Many have accused the rapper of selling out, especially since he once wore his jersey and allegedly told Travis Scott not to perform at the Superbowl.


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