Eddie Murphy said he’s going on a stand-up comedy tour next year, which is the latest news surrounding his return to the spotlight.

The tour follows news that Murphy will be hosting “Saturday Night Live” in December, his first time doing so in over three decades. The 58-year-old also has the film “Dolemite Is My Name” coming on Oct. 25, where he plays comedian Rudy Ray Moore.

Eddie Murphy said he’s planning a stand-up comedy tour for 2020 after he hosts “Saturday Night Live.” (Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Murphy is currently shooting the sequel to “Coming to America” as well, to reprise his role of Prince Akeem.

Some of the other actors among the original cast to return include Shari Headley, who played Lisa McDowell, John Amos, who played her father, plus Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones are along for the ride too.

Tracy Morgan also signed on for the sequel, as did Wesley Snipes, Leslie Jones and Rick Ross.

As for the stand-up comedy tour, Murphy revealed his plans on the Netflix podcast “Present Company with Krista Smith.” “And then next year in 2020 I’m going to go on the road and do some stand-up,” he stated.

Murphy’s last comedy special was 1987’s “Raw,” and before that he delivered “Delirious” in 1983. He released the comedy album “Eddie Murphy: Comedian” in 1983 as well and dropped his self-titled comedy album one year prior.

There have also been recent rumors that Murphy is negotiating a $70 million deal with Netflix for a series of comedy specials, which he’s remained silent about for now.

Additionally, Deadline reports that he will be in the sequel to the 1998 film “Twins” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, a project called “Triplets.” 

As of now, Murphy hasn’t mentioned which cities he plans to hit for his comedy tour or when it will start.

Eddie Murphy Plans Stand- Up Comedy Tour For 2020

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