Political strategist Catalina Byrd announced she will run for Mayor of Baltimore in the Republican primary. (Courtesy Photo)

By Sean Yoes

This week, Catalina Byrd, a long-time political commentator and former mayoral candidate formally declared she will make another run for Mayor of Baltimore in the Republican primary.

“Baltimore is at a pivotal moment that will write the next chapter in our history,” Byrd told the AFRO.

“I’m running with a sense of urgency not to rebrand Baltimore as so many before me have, but instead to actually change Baltimore, especially for those who have been left behind by the actions of my predecessors,” she added.

“I have a solid vision and strategy to make Baltimore the best it’s ever been for all and not just the select few.”

Look for more on Byrd’s mayoral candidacy at afro.com, and next week’s edition of the AFRO.

This article originally appeared in The Afro.

Republican Woman Runs for Mayor of Baltimore

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