The viral Gen Z app, Tiktok has become useful tools where people can share tips and tricks that can help one regarding daily life chores and even the most unskilled can achieve anything, through DIY videos uploaded on the social media platform.

Source: TikTok user@clauds244

While many TikTok videos and hacks can be beneficial, some
are more dangerous and not recommended by medical professionals to participate
in. Most recently, a new viral teeth whitening hack has been circulating around
the social media app.

A teeth whitening trend is going viral on TikTok. What to

Who doesn’t want pearly white teeth? Drinking coffee, wine, and just the wear and tear of everyday life can have an effect on the colour of your teeth. So, it’s no surprise that teeth whitening has become a popular treatment for people to undergo. Unfortunately, getting an ordinary medical-grade procedure done at your dentist can leave you with unwanted side effects.

Luckily, companies such as Ultradentz have created teeth whitening kit, Opalescence Boost that dentists can order here.

Now, a TikTok user is offering people another way to get whiter teeth, using 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide. User @clauds244 has gone viral after explaining that she puts 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide on cotton swabs and rubs it on her teeth. She told her followers that it is the same ingredient used in store-bought whitening kits. Adding, “If you’re a dentist, don’t tell me this is wrong.”

So, is it safe?

According to dental experts, @clauds244 is using “3%
hydrogen peroxide is over the legal percentage (0.1%) that is allowed to be
used by non-dental professionals.”

Source: TikTok user@clauds244

In the video, the TikToker claims she uses the product every
day. But, health professionals do advice against prolonged use.

“Prolonged bleaching with these high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, especially when used multiple days in a row, can lead to highly irritating gums and sensitive teeth,” Dr Sumaiya told Dental News.

She continued, “Gum irritation can get severe if more
bleaching is done when the gums are already irritated. Tooth sensitivity is
usually temporary (24 hours or so), but significant bleaching can increase
tooth sensitivity permanently with long term use.”

Overall, it’s better to be more cautious before deciding to bleach your teeth daily per TikToker’s instructions. So, do research and even dilute the product with water before using.


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